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Djerba, Tunisia

Well, we started out our anniversary (#14) last night with quite a bang.  Beer is hard to find here, but we found a restaurant on our first night in Djerba (an island where we currently now reside) that sold it. Erik bumped the table with his leg and spilled his beer on the table and himself.  The guy sitting near us said, “Oh, that’s good luck!”  He spoke good English and he came over to sit at our table and we ended up chatting over a few drinks.  After said drinks, he invited us to his brother’s home for dinner; his wife cooked up some fish and couscous, spicy spaghetti, and fresh fruit for us! We got to see the inside of a local home and have this amazing dinner. What luck.  Then our new friend took us out to a night club down on the tourist strip and bought our drinks all night long!! So we partied ourselves up.  :-) Till 4 a.m.  Hence the "tired" in my subject line. 

So we have a Nissan truck now.  It only took 3 guys and 2 vehicles to get it rented to us. (little problem on the communication front – my French is rustier than I’d hoped) So yesterday we drove ALL around the island of Djerba, even getting to use the 4-wheel drive.  Some of the “roads” are better referred to as paths. They are often marked with rock cairns; the sand must obscure the road from time to time.  

We went to Mos Eisley. "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy," said Obi-wan Kenobi. (this paragraph is all about Star Wars stuff)  We went to the scene of the entrance to Mos Eisley spaceport and there are other scenes of landscape filmed on this island – the Cantina, outside shot of Ben’s home, etc. We saw an imperial probe wrecked on the beach. Ha.  Really just a boat. Second photo down, Obiwan (Ben) Kenobi's hut.

Small building in the middle of nowhere on the coast of Djerba Island, Djerba.

Other interesting things were the tourist beach where the French ladies were sitting around topless and the Muslim women were swimming in the ocean in their clothes – ALL of their clothes, including their head scarves.

Our hotel here is really quaint, an old mansion turned into a hotel with a lovely courtyard.  We had lunch yesterday at a sea-side town, and the menu was a platter of fresh fish brought to our table from which we pointed to the one that we wanted grilled up.  Super yummy.

Man walking in front of white and blue building with horse in the background in Djerba Tunisia. photo by Shara Johnson

Here is a mosque that is abandoned but maintained for non-Muslims to see and go inside (normally this is not allowed in an active mosque). And watch out for sheep, donkeys, camels, horses on the road wherever you may go in Tunisia! We encountered this flock driving around Djerba.
Old town of Djerba Island, Tunisia.

Shepherd with goats crossing the road on Djerba Island, Tunisia.

A little note from back in Tunis: our favorite street name so far is "Rue de Dey." (say it out loud and then make evil laughter)  Did I mention also we saw the building that inspired the Jawa sand crawler. (more Star Wars)

Star Wars sand crawler inspiration. Tunis, Tunisia.
I am getting better at the foreign keyboard; but it is still a bit tedious. So I keep it brief.  I guess we will strike out into the heat now.  Tonight we spend the night in Tatouine (yet more Star Wars).


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