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"A Wild Escape:  Off-Road Safari at Kruger National Park" at HostelBookers
"Into the Heart of Lesotho" originally published at TrekWorld
"A Tale of Kindness on Safari in South Africa" at TravelFreak
"Walking With African Wildlife" at Mapping Megan

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Walking With African Wildlife Wherein:
Close up of white rhino head with oxpecker inside one of its nostrils.

I volunteer for 16 days in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi NP taking census data of the animals in this Big 5 game park by walking through it on foot.

Racing for the Border ... our jaunt into and race out of Mozambque Wherein:
lone person walking on a beach

I check out the Kosi Bay area and face possible arrest at the Mozambique border.

Cozy in Person! - A visit to Chimp Eden Wherein:
chimpanzee standing up point to his head

I meet the loveable chimps from the television show Chimp Eden and begin safari in Kruger NP.

Wildlife Galore in Kruger Wherein:
Giraffe looking down

I make it to the world famous Kruger National Park to see heaps of wildlife, plus a foray to the beautiful Blyde Canyon area.

Love and Hate: People, Animals, and Trucks on Safari in Kruger National Park Wherein:
elephant trio at a lake

I continue amazing safari in Kruger NP with a diabolical rental truck.

Hospitality - Local Folks Rock and Penguins Delight Wherein:
close up of penguin head

I stay with some awful nice folks in Johannesburg and visit the penguins of Boulder Beach in Cape Town.

Trains and Automobiles: Riding Across the Interior of South Africa Wherein:
bushes and trees in front of rocky hills

I take a 26-hour scenic train ride across South Africa from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Lesotho: Off the Beaten Track on the Wide Open Roads in the Mountain Kingdom Wherein:
Brick rondeval with thatched roof.

I arrive in the super charming country of Lesotho and end up in a blizzard at Sani Pass.

The Extremes: From Tropical South Africa to Snowy Lesotho Wherein:
snow covered mountains and twisty road below

I make it down snowy Sani Pass and depart from Durban back home.

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