These are articles or guest blog posts I've written that have been published on other travel websites. See my published literary essays using the blue "Literary SKJ" button. More of my travel posts are scheduled to appear on other travel websites soon, so check back!

"The Road to Columbine Heaven" at Statesider Magazine.


Quandaries in protecting fragile places ... I know where to find some amazing wildflower spots in Colorado; what I don't know is whether I should tell you, or anyone, about them. 


 "Evidence" at Barren Magazine  Feature photo gallery of selected international images

"Icescapes in the Southern Ocean" at Cargo Literary Magazine


Feature gallery of photos I took of ice formations in Antarctica




"Himba: Photographing From the Shadows" at Africa Geographic


Snippets of Himba lives, people in motion rather than traditional portraits. 



"Soul Food at Nxai Pan in Botswana" at Africa Geographic


A feature gallery of photos taken while on Safari in the Nxai Pan.




"In the World of a Traveler ..." at Pretty Wild World

Ndjinaa and her grandson


 In the world of a traveler, you get to see the good, the bad, and the speakable. 



  It's Come to This: Saving #JustOneRhino


Supporting the efforts of Travelers Building Change to help fund the Rhinos Without Borders wildlife conservation initiative to help save rhinos in South Africa. Includes some of my favorite rhino pics from my travels.


"Five Reasons to Drop the Charade and Admit You're a Tourist" at Global Goose
Being offered homemade hooch in Namibia.
One of my pet peeves is people who are paranoid of looking like a tourist. My traveling experience has shown me that the best way to connect with local people and sights is to just let yourself be who you are -- a tourist!



"Safari Guide to Etosha National Park in Namibia" at Unusual Traveler


An overview guide on self-drive touring Etosha National Park, routes, waterholes and accommodations not to miss.



"Witch Doctor on the Moon" at GoNomad
thathed roof mud hut

Meeting a traditional witch doctor in Uganda who divines my fortune and dispels evils spirits - and maybe I even believe in it.



"Moved by the Majesty of Isfahan: A Pearl in the Persian Empire" at In the Know Traveler



Highlights of the spectacular architecture in the city of Isfahan, Iran.





"Seven Ways to Commune with the Ancient Romans in Tunisia" at Heather on Her Travels
exterior of ancient roman coliseum
Tunisia has some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world with the bonus of being to explore most of them in near solitude. This is a selection of ruins that really let you imagine life back in the days almost two thousand years ago. 



"How to Keep Your Hanky Handy:  12 Tips for Surviving Uganda's Public Transportation" at Bootsnall

hundreds of minivans in a bus park

My experiences as a claustrophobic trying to ride buses and taxis, and the tips I can pass on to you. 


"Into the Heart of Lesotho" originally published at TrekWorld

countryside with rolling hills

Known as the Mountain Kingdom, Lesotho is an unlikely and undiscovered jewel in Sub-Saharan Africa.


"Lessons Learned from Getting Sick Abroad" at TrekWorld
valley in a mountain range

I've been in some deep pits of hell on nearly every continent, but there is always a lesson to be taken away. 


"Safari Bliss with Big Cats in Ndutu, Tanzania" at In The Know Traveler



Highlights from Ndutu National Park, especially a cheetah vs. wildebeest showdown.



"Tripping with Salvador Dali: Five Favorite Works of His Art in Figueres, Spain" at Vagobond
Palace of the Wind, Dali Museum, Figueres, Spain.

A day trip from Barcelona, the Dali Museum in Figueres provides a day of surreal fun and fascination. I list here my five favorite attractions.

"Walking With African Wildlife" at Mapping Megan

A summary of my experience volunteering in a Big 5 game park in South Africa ... a much more succinct account than my full post here in the archive! Read this for an introduction to the experience that planted the boundless love for Africa in my heart.


  "Go to Hell at Quirky Gao Miao Temple in Zhongwei, China" at The Quirky Traveller

Open doorway beneath a monster's head with fangs. Photo by Shara Johnson

A most unique temple that fuses several religions and a completely freaky underground tour through Hell.



"A Taste of Old Europe: Crowd-Free Adventures in Wroclaw, Poland" at GloboTreks
row of colorful buildings

Wroclaw is one of my very favorite European cities with so much to offer in architecture and culture. 

"A Wild Escape:  Off-Road Safari at Kruger National Park" at HostelBookers
group of elephants

Unknown to many tourists, a series of 4WD-only trails runs through Kruger offering a very unique experience. 


"The Quirky Curiosities of Nederland, Colorado" at The Quirky Traveller
flowers in a mountain meadow with mountain peaks

A brief overview of my beloved town of Ned - we are one of the quirkier places you could hope to live.

"Photo Essay - Crocodile Sanctuary in Ixtapa, Meixco" at OverYonderLust
crocodile close up

A humble wildlife refuge is home to thousands of crocodiles, birds and iguanas.

"Top 6 Animal Encounters in Uganda" at Holiday Nomad
gorilla eating a flower

Uganda has many world-class national parks with the classic iconic African wildlife, including higher primates.

"My Moment in the Sunshine" at Matt Gibson
headshot of mountain gorilla

An account of my completely sublime experience -- a lone trekker with mountain gorillas in Uganda

"A Tale of Kindness on Safari in South Africa" at TravelFreak
lionesses in a pride

We rented a truck we dubbed El Diablo for its fiendish incompetence, but it all worked out brilliantly in the end.

"Bojnice Castle, Slovakia" at Historic European Castles


A guide to Bojnice Castle -- history, displays and visiting info.




"Fishing For Friendship" at Planet D
man in a boat with beer

A turning point in my life at which I dove headlong into the world at large, eager for global friendship.

"The Fleeting Glory of Semana Santa in Guatemala" at TrekWorld
mean carrying a large float of Jesus

Good Friday in Antigua is world-renowned for its beautiful sand carpets and city-wide parades.

girl on a mountain trail

contributing thoughts about arriving at Inti Punku, the Sun Gate, at Machu Picchu (see SKJ Travel at the bottom) at Holiday Nomad

"Keepers of the Wild Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Kingman, Arizona"
at Dave's Travel Corner
lion stalking

A round-up of what you'll find at this sanctuary primarily for big cats rescued from the entertainment industry but with many other friendly critters.

"Shara's Unforgettable Experience: Mountains Gorillas in Uganda"
at Travel - Moments in Time
young mountain gorilla

That pretty much says it all:  mountain gorillas are unforgettable when you are 20 feet away!

"Monkey Mania: Cheeky Vervet Monkeys in Uganda"
at Monkeys and Mountains
monkey eating mango

A micro essay on these incomparable primates, little mirrors of ourselves.

"Sauntering to the Outskirts of Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala"  at Family Trek

women at a small loom

Getting off the beaten track in a quaint town on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites at UNESCO Geek
Italy:  Villa D'Este - garden villa with over 500 water features
China: Yungang Grottoes - ancient Buddhist cave art
Tunisia: Dougga - excellently preserved ancient Roman city
Uganda: Bwindi Impenetrable Nat'l Park - home of the endangered mountain gorilla


Music Memories at journeytom
girl and giraffe

A mash-up tune is indelibly associated with my time at the UWEC in Uganda.

How do I afford to travel? you wonder. Here is my tip for financing world travel, selected as the #1 tip on iGlobal.

"Forbidden City - Beijing, China" at Tourist Guide Central
large courtyard

Touring the greatest icon of imperial China without a guidebook or map - a joy of discovery.

Go to Hell at quirky Gao Miao Temple in Zhongwei, China

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