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Posts from Iceland  2013

Reykjavik in an Afternoon
Colorful buildings in Reykjavik, Iceland. Photo by Shara Johnson

The charming little city of Reykjavik ... colorful architecture, ancient manuscripts, interesting street art and the beautiful central church.

Fire and Ice ... not just a figure of speech
glacier on black lava rock

Strapping on crampons and walking a glacier, plus dramatic Skogafoss -- waterfall complete with rainbow.

Tolting Through the Lava Fields
Shara with her Icelandic horse outside Reykjavik, Iceland.

Horseback riding on the sweetest little horses ... experiencing the unique tolting gait of the Icelandic horses.

Adventures in Water
Gullfoss waterfall, waters crashing into a narrow canyon, Iceland. Photo by Shara Johnson

Driving around "the Golden Triangle" to the spectacular waters of Gullfoss, active geysers and important historic locations. Plus the unique experience of the Blue Lagoon.

On the Black Road
Typical small church and cemetery on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland. Photo by Shara Johnson

Driving around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula ... dramatic landscape of snow-capped volcanoes, mossy lava fields and quaint churches, and the road practically to ourselves.

Green is the Theme
The northern Lights in a spiral outside Reykjavik, Iceland.

St. Patrick's Day is a magical treat as we witness the Northern Lights ... another experience crossed off my Top 10 list.

Cute Creatures in the North
White seal on the coast of Iceland. Photo by Shara Johnson

Making friends with Icelandic horses and finding wild seals along the coast.

A Glimpse of Glymur
Water oozing from multiple spots along a cliff and freezing into mini icefalls, Glymur Falls trail, Iceland. Photo by Shara Johnson

A little adventure on our last day hiking through the snow to Glymur Falls and crossing creeks via cable wire.

Round Up from Iceland
Small church with modern architecture along the roadside in Iceland. Photo by Shara Johnson

Bonus photos and a wrap-up from Iceland.


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